J Flexx – Stayin Alive

Released 2007
Recorded 1994-1997
Genre West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap, G-funk
Length 56:50
Label Death Row
Producer Dr. Dre, Barney Ruble, Sam Sneed

1. Intro (No Doubt)
2. Who Been There Who Done That?
3. Stayin’ Alive
4. Around The World (feat Danny Boy)
5. Nothing Can Come Between Us
6. Pop Twist
7. Down Sunset
8. Lady Heroin (OG) (feat Sam Sneed)
9. Is It Live? (feat Barnie Ruble)
10. Do The Gigolo
11. Life Goes On
12. Street Scholars (feat. Dr. Dre)
13. Ball While U Can
14. Have Fun
15. The Breaks
16. Lady Heroin (Remix)

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